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Email: The Most Profitable Marketing Channel

Client | Feltman’s of Coney Island


After fully implementing ECD’s optimized email marketing blueprint strategy, Feltman’s saw a massive shift in its customer retention and overall revenue stream.

Brothers and co-owners, Michael and Joe Quinn, started out selling their critically-acclaimed hot dogs only in grocery stores like Whole Foods Market, Fresh Market, and Publix, but quickly became aware of the untapped gold mine awaiting them that was e-commerce. Once they made the moves to get online, they needed a marketing agency that could help the business flourish in the new marketplace. That’s where ECD Digital + Strategy comes in.

Initially, we noticed that Feltman’s of Coney Island customers were loyal. However, customers would purchase their beloved hot dogs, and that’s where the journey would end. There was no follow-through or strategy in place to keep them buying. Loyal customers can only go so far when there are thousands of other brands telling them that they should buy their products instead of yours.

As the Feltman’s of Coney Island brand grew, they began creating more diverse product offerings to appeal to a wider audience. Their product lineup now includes hot dogs, bacon, bratwurst, and mustard. As their product offering grew so did their email efforts. With each product drop, we ran a large, multifaceted campaign to promote the launch. Now, Feltman’s is not just known as a hot dog company, but as an ever-growing, all-natural meats company serving its products to people throughout the U.S.

Rob Boeckmann, Feltman’s CMO, says, “ECD always delivers the best content and helps drive our revenue goals. I have been very happy with their performance and work. We highly recommend them for your e-commerce business.”

At ECD Digital + Strategy, results like this are the norm

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