We specialize in helping small businesses get found in their local communities.


In days past the place to market your business was the yellow pages. As a customer when you wanted to find a new business or service you’d open up th eyellow pages, sarch for the tiltel of what you were looking for, see a list of names and call the one that spoke to you the most with no more information.


Today, people expect much more. They want to be able to open up their phones or computers, enter a few words into their search box and get a list of results near them.


They want a short description of the business, a list of reviews to see what other people are saying about the business, and they want to be able to easily contact those businesses day or night, from their living room couch, or from their phone as they’re walking down the street on their lunch break.


We’re experts at understanding what your customers are searching for and helping them to find and contact your business.


Don’t hesitate any longer to contact ECDigital Strategy; your customers aren’t waiting around for you.



The amount of local business searches that result in a phone call.

We help you make sure your customers can find you on google so you don't miss those calls!

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