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Digital design and marketing solutions for game-changing growth

Digital design and marketing solutions for game changing growth



The ECD Promise: The work we do for you will more than pay for itself with increased sales you can track.
It’s that simple.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Your gateway to cultivating your relationship with leads, customers, and past customers. We make sure your voice reaches them at the most effective time.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing

Make this your most impactful marketing channel, ensuring your brand’s resonance and influence at the opportune moments.

Ecommerce site management

Ecommerce site management

Boost your online store’s efficiency, drive sales, and outshine competitors with our strategic ecommerce management.

Shopify design & dev

Enhance your brand with impressive, functional Shopify stores that engage users and drive results.

Services: Paid ad management

Paid ad management

Drive sales and revenue for your business with paid ads tailored to your specific goals.

Strategic branding

We aim to make your business stand out amidst competition, winning customer recognition and preference.

The ECD Difference

We drive positive, trackable ROI for our clients. Our top priority is to make our clients more profitable. Period.
Everything we do, all the services we offer, and all the decisions we make target that one goal.
On average, our email marketing drives 35% of our clients' ecommerce revenue
We manage over $1M annual ad spend for our clients
Our clients' average conversion rate is 5%, compared to the 1.5% industry average
We are your all-in-one digital marketing agency, web design and web development company, and ecommerce site management partner. In our clients’ view, we’re more than just partners – we’re the team that fuels ongoing growth. Our influence becomes their competitive edge in each of their industries.

Success stories

Success story: Pipeliners Cloud

B2C | Branding, website design and development, email and SMS marketing

Pipeliners Cloud

Pipeliners Cloud is a relatively new company making equipment and supplies for welders, designed by welders. ECD helped them put their new business on the fast track for exponential growth with new branding and an edgy, industrial website design to appeal to their target audience. Launching hard-driving email and SMS marketing campaigns has resulted in a growing customer base and a hot return on investment.

Success story: The Wholesale Candy Shop

B2C | Branding, website design and development, email and SMS marketing

The Wholesale Candy Shop

The Wholesale Candy Shop came to ECD looking to bring an updated, colorful new flair to their brand for greater impact and consumer appeal. ECD designed a new brand identity and website to bring sweeter success their niche products. In additional to updating their website, ECD launched email and SMS marketing campaigns to further promote the brand’s digital visibility in increase sales.

Success story: Saratoga Olive Oil Co.

B2C | Branding, website design and development, email and SMS marketing

Saratoga Olive Oil Co.

Saratoga Olive Oil Co. is a long-time client of ECD selling gourmet olive oils, balsamics, and other items online and through brick-and-mortar shops. ECD helps keep their upscale branding updated in a competitive space and helps design and manage an extensive ecommerce site. Saratoga relies on ECD for highly effective email and SMS marketing campaigns that grow their sales year over year.

Success story: Power Planter

B2C | Branding, website design and development, email and SMS marketing

Power Planter

Power Planter is third generation, family-owned auger manufacturer located in rural Illinois. They invented the first garden-friendly earth auger over 20 years ago and now manufacture and sell more than ten different sizes and models. They turned to ECD for help getting the word out about their products to a broader market. ECD has designed a strategic branding guide which has been implemented across their redesigned website and email and SMS marketing channels, resulting in healthy new growth.

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