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It’s critical that your website is set up to convert as much traffic as possible. Conversion Rate Optimization is the art and science of driving a higher percentage of website visitors to take a desired action (i.e. make a purchase).


Our team of experts have been working on e-commerce websites

since 2009. We developed a proven system that will turn more visitors into paying customers.


Trying to convert customers without standard conversion rate optimization techniques in place is like trying to catch water with a sieve.



E-commerce conversion rate optimization




Conversion Rate

If you don’t know how much money every dollar you spend on advertising is returned to you in sales revenue, then you may be wasting money on ineffective advertising.


Our team of Facebook and Instagram advertising experts will develop and implement an advertising strategy that will increase sales and margins.


At the end of each month we’ll deliver you a report showing you exactly how many sales dollars were driven by your digital ads.

facebook and instagram ads

google ads include: search ads, shopping ads, and display ads.

amazon management includes: PPC management, inventory management, and amazon site design.

Barb, Saratoga Olive Oil

​ECD Digital Strategy is our company’s website's competitive advantage. 

Tom, Island Transformations

Zak and the team at ECD Digital and Strategy continue to grow our sales at an unprecedented rate. We've tried other digital advertising agencies in the past and no one compares to this team!

Candace, Boston Breakthrough Academy

We have learned so much about our ability to reach our audience with Zak's support.  He has opened our eyes to creative marketing options, increased our visibility and made us more accessible through a series of online and offline marketing tools.  We get compliments often in our industry as the most "out of the box" thinkers in our space - largely due to Zak's innovations.

We are in existence to drive positive and trackable ROI for our clients. Our #1 goal as an agency is to make our clients more profitable. Period. Everything we do, all the services we offer and all the decisions we make are in service to that one goal.

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