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We exist for one reason: to drive positive and trackable ROI for our clients.


Every strategy we implement and every decision we make is aimed at making your business more profitable.

Our Unique Approach

Integrated Strategy Approach

We blend key digital marketing elements—from email and SMS to paid ads and optimization.

Customized Client Partnerships

We forge partnerships. Understanding your specific needs allows us to tailor strategies that truly fit your business.

Data-Driven Results

We constantly track and tweak our campaigns to always improve the results we deliver to you.


Our process is designed to understand your unique needs, craft tailored strategies, and deliver measurable success.


We Listen and Learn

You know your business better than anyone else. We begin every engagement by listening to what you want, what your goals are, who your customers are, what has driven your success to date, and the areas where you feel you need the most help.


We Analyze and Compare

We compare your e-commerce presence to our optimized blueprint. We find the areas where you’re strong and where there is opportunity for more revenue.


We Strategize and Prioritize

After seeing all the opportunities for increased revenue we prioritize them in the order that will drive the quickest and greatest Increase in sales.


We Deliver and Scale

Once we have a plan we get working doing what we do best: optimizing your e-commerce business to scale your revenue and profits. We find the money being let on the table and get it flowing into your business

Our Warriors

The driving force behind your success

Zak Cassady-Dorion


Madeleine DiBiase

Head of Retention

Joel Traugott

Account Director

Emil Gjorgjijev

Shopify Ecommerce Specialist

Mariana Turjanski

Paid Ads Manager

Antonella Carello

Email Marketing Manager

Isabel Ureña

Email Marketing Manager

Nathaniel Pitchan


Silvia Suarez


Paz González Vila

Sr. Graphic Designer

Luz Torres Zavaleta

Graphic Designer

Nathalia Ochoa

Graphic Designer

Rocio Gomez

Graphic Designer

Flor Zanetic

Paid Ads Manager

Mikhail Arden

Shopify Developer