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Email marketing

Email marketing enables you to cultivate relationships with your customers. It provides you with the chance to communicate directly with them in their inbox, at a time that suits their convenience.


As a leading email marketing agency, we drive at least 30% of our clients’ total e-commerce revenue with our email marketing strategy. We have the expertise to craft the ideal message and deliver it precisely when needed, making e-commerce email marketing your most profitable channel.


Experience high conversion rates and revenue growth with our expertise!


How do we do it?


Strategic flows

Enhance your customer journey with our tailored flows. We set up a lineup of 7 essential email flows, each packing over 20 uniquely crafted emails. These are all geared up to supercharge your revenue and give those conversions a solid boost.

From cart abandonment recovery to personalized product recommendations, our email marketing experts design flows that nurture leads and encourage conversions.



Advanced customer segmentation

No more one-size-fits-all approach.  As an expert email marketing company, we use advanced customer segmentation, sending the right message to the right customer at the right time, to drive the most amount of revenue for your company. Our email marketing experts are constantly analyzing your e-commerce store’s data to find new and powerful segmentations to use.

ECD Digital + Strategy

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